The CVA currently has three publications: a blog, newsletters and occasional papers. In addition, CVA has published journals between 1965 and 2002.


The CVA blog is about providing information on CVA’s activities, initiatives and events.



The CVA Newsletter surveys and covers recent developments, major decisions, coming projects regarding education and training in Canada and internationally.


Occasional Papers

The CVA publishes occasional papers to provide a forum for a broad spectrum of vocational education issues. The views expressed do not necessarily represent the views of the Association. Each paper is usually intended to provide an in depth treatment of a specific topic. The occasional papers have been generated to encourage discussion on an emerging issue and to document either regional, national or international achievements.

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CVA/ACFP Journals

The bilingual CVA/ACFP Journal was published by the association from 1965 to 2002.
The CVA Journal was produced under the direction of a bilingual editorial committee and a professional editor and was supported for a number of years by the federal government. In its final years, it was financed solely by the association. It was the only national bilingual journal produced to support best practice and research in the field of vocational education and acted also as a forum for a wide variety of emerging issues in the field. It is still used as a reference today with many libraries holding complete sets of all CVA Journals ever produced.

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Submitting an Article or Occasional Paper

  1. Write or use with permission and recognition information you think would be interesting, provocative, relevant to your colleagues with follow up contact information as appropriate.
  2. Follow all copyright obligations where required when using the work of others.
  3. Send your publication to CVA at
  4. Your contribution will be reviewed and published by the CVA conditional to its validation.


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