DACUM I: Analysis facilitator

A DACUM analysis is cost effective, highly valid and dynamic. It accomplishes in 5 days what other methods of analysis take 5-8 weeks or longer to do. It uses experts from the job or occupation to identify the competencies required to perform the job. It has a wide variety of uses: training needs assessment; program development / review / revision; performance appraisal; job description; job modification; occupational performance standards; employee / student recruitment; career development planning; skill achievement record, etc.

Workshop Objectives
Upon completion of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • orient people to the DACUM process;
  • convene a panel of occupational experts;
  • facilitate a DACUM analysis.

Workshop Duration
5 days

Learning strategy
This is an application-oriented workshop: participants will have the opportunity to practicing each step of the DACUM analysis process.

Number of participants per workshop 
A minimum of 8 and a maximum of 15 participants.

Workshop Outline

  1. Experiencing a DACUM analysis
  2. Preparing for a DACUM analysis
  3. Conducting a DACUM analysis
  4. Production of a DACUM analysis
  5. Overview of program development utilizing DACUM analysis

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