CVA Dacum facilitator certification program


The Canadian Vocational Association is committed to enhancing the quality of educational and training practices. This international certification program is part of this commitment and ensures a standardization and quality control in our certified CVA facilitators.

Program Objectives

The objectives of the program are:

  • to establish and maintain a international standard of all occupational / competency analyses facilitators using the DACUM model.
  • to enhance the DACUM process of Job, Occupational and Field Analysis;
  • to assist DACUM Facilitators through active association advocacy for performance-based education and training.

Program Rules

  1. Anyone successfully completing a CVA DACUM Facilitator Workshop, or an equivalent, is eligible to register in this certification program.
  2. Upon completion of the CVA DACUM Facilitator Workshop and receipt of a registration fee, the applicant will be issued an interim certificate. This interim certificate is valid for a maximum of three (3) years or until three complete and different DACUM charts have been submitted for CVA evaluation, whichever comes first.
  3. A CVA member in good standing who has recent DACUM Facilitator experience (3 – 5 years) may also be admitted in this certification program upon assessment by the CVA DACUM Evaluation Committee of his / her background, experience and training.
  4. Upon successful CVA evaluation of three complete and different DACUM charts, the applicant will be issued a permanent dated certificate.
  5. A CVA DACUM Evaluation Committee will make all decisions regarding certification. All decisions will be final.
  6. A one-time registration fee of 500$ (CDN) plus GST will be paid for this certification process.
  7. CVA members who wish to maintain a permanent DACUM Facilitator certification and remain on the international register must submit a minimum of one new chart every three years.
  8. Candidates not meeting the standards for certification will receive a prescriptive assessment based on the charts submitted to the board of evaluators and, therefore, will have a clear knowledge of what to improve, to achieve or to provide in order to meet the CVA requirements for certification.
  9. All applicants must be CVA members in good standing to maintain interim and permanent dated certification status.

Certification Standards

Each submitted DACUM chart will have to meet the following standards :

  1. For each submitted chart, there will be a short accounting report specifying :
    • the topic of the chart;
    • the scope of the analysis;
    • the purpose(s) and / or intended use of the chart;
    • people involved in the development of the chart;
    • the location.
  2. All General Areas of Competencies (GACs) will be clearly identified and stated with an action verb.
  3. There should be no less than 7 and no more than 14 General Areas of Competencies (GACs)
  4. At least one (1) GAC will deal with Personal Competencies.
  5. Tasks / skills stated on the chart will be measurable and will start with an action verb.
  6. No GAC and no task / skill statement will start with the verbs to know, to understand, to appreciate or synonyms

N.B.: Although not required, it is desirable that a competency-based evaluation scale appear on the chart, as indicated in the example charts.

To Register

Please mail Application Form (next page), along with payment of $500 (plus $25 GST, if applicant presently resides in Canada) to:

Canadian Vocational Association
Attention: Ms Jane Louks
P.O. Box 816
Ottawa, ON, K0A 2Z0
Phone: (450) 463-4313
Fax: (450) 442-2353

For further information, contact the CVA DACUM Training Program Coordinator :
Téléphone : (450) 812-7510
Cellulaire : (438) 491-6001


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