Certified Dacum Facilitators

Here is the list of the CVA certified DACUM Facilitators.

  • Newfoundland and Labrador
    Mark Roberts
  • Nova Scotia
    Allan MacLaughlin
  • Prince-Edward Island
    Bernadette Allen
    Lawrence (Larry Coffin)
  • Québec
    Marc Lacroix
    Pierre Morin
  • Manitoba
    Darrell Reid
    Mike Stuhldreier
    Chis Zolondek
  • Saskatchewan
    Carrol D. Morris
    Ursula Osteneck
  • Alberta
    Trina Davis
    Diane Emberg
    Harold Sylven


If you wish to contact a CVA certified DACUM Facilitator, please send an email to the following address: info@cva-acfp.org.


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