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The bilingual CVA Journal has been published by the association for a number of years but is currently not being produced. It is the association’s intention to determine whether the journal should be re-established and whether this format is still appropriate or whether an electronic journal should be considered.

The CVA Journal was produced under the direction of a bilingual editorial committee and a professional editor and was supported for a number of years by the federal government. In its final years it was financed solely by the association. It was the only national bilingual journal produced to support best practice and research in the field of vocational education and acted also as a forum for a wide variety of emerging issues in the field. It is still used as a reference today with many libraries holding complete sets of all CVA journals ever produced.

We have reprinted three past journals at this site for you to read and would appreciate hearing your responses to the following questions. Please send your responses

  1. Should the CVA re-establish the CVA Journal in print form or electronic form or both?
  2. What should be the major objective of a re-established CVA Journal?
  3. What types of articles would you find most valuable?
  4. Should the journal include a jury process for academic research articles?
  5. How frequently should the journal be published?
  6. Would you contribute to the Journal and if so how?
  7. What types of professional Journals do you subscribe to and/or find most useful?
  8. What sources of funding could you suggest to support a new CVA Journal?

Title : Modern Comprehensive High Schools in Quebec
Author : Luckow, James J.
Year of publication : 1975

Based on the responses we receive and further deliberations of the CVA board of directors, a final decision will be made in the months to come.

Thank you for your considered responses and visiting the CVA website.


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