CVA/ACFP Journals 1965-2002

The bilingual CVA/ACFP Journal was published by the association from 1965 to 2002.

The CVA Journal was produced under the direction of a bilingual editorial committee and a professional editor and was supported for a number of years by the federal government. In its final years, it was financed solely by the association. It was the only national bilingual journal produced to support best practice and research in the field of vocational education and acted also as a forum for a wide variety of emerging issues in the field. It is still used as a reference today with many libraries holding complete sets of all CVA journals ever produced.

CVA/ACFP Journal Vol1 1965
No1 No2 

CVA/ACFP Journal Vol2 1966-1967
No1 No2 No3 No4

CVA/ACFP Journal Vol3 1967-1968
No1 No2 No3 No4  

CVA/ACFP Journal Vol4 1968-1969
No1 No2 No3 No4 

CVA/ACP Journal Vol5 1969

CVA/ACFP Journal Vol6 1970
No1 No2 No3 No4 Conference report

CVA/ACFP Journal Vol7 1971 
No1 No2 No3 Conference report

CVA/ACFP Journal Vol8 1972-1973
No1 No2 Conference report No3 No4 Conference report Supplement

CVA/ACFP Journal Vol9 1973-1974
No1 No2 Conference report No3 No4

CVA/ACFP Journal Vol10 1974
No1 No2 No3 No3 Conference report Supplement (106 mb)

CVA/ACFP Journal Vol11 1975-1976
No1 No2 No3 No4

CVA/ACFP Journal Vol12 1976-1977
No1 No2 No3 Conference report

CVA/ACFP Journal Vol13 1977-1978
No1 No2 No3 Conference report No4 

CVA/ACFP Journal Vol14 1978-1979
No1 No2 No3 Conference report No4 

CVA/ACFP Journal Vol15 1979-1980
No1 No2 No3 Conference report No4 

CVA/ACFP Journal Vol16 1980-1981
No1 No2 No3 Conference report No4 Conference report

CVA/ACFP Journal Vol17 1981-1982
No1 No2 No3 Conference report No4 

CVA ACFP Journal Vol18 No2 1982
No1 No2 No3 Conference report No4 

CVA/ACFP Journal Vol19 1983-1984
No1 No2 No3 No4 

CVA/ACFP Journal Vol20 1984-1985
No1 No2 No3 No4 

CVA/ACFP Journal Vol21 1985-1986
No1 No2 No3 No4 

CVA/ACFP Journal Vol22 1986-1987
No1 No2 & No3 No4 

CVA/ACFP Journal Vol23 1987-1988
No1 No2 No3 & No4 

CVA/ACFP Journal Vol24 1988-1989
No1 No2 Conference report No4 No5 

CVA/ACFP Journal Vol25 1989-1990
No2 Conference report No3 No4 

CVA/ACFP Journal Vol26 1990-1991
No1 No2 No3 No4 

CVA/ACFP Journal Vol27 1991-1992
No1 No2 No3 No4 

CVA/ACFP Journal Vol28 1992-1993
No1 No4 

CVA/ACFP Journal Vol29 1993-1994
No1 No2 No4

CVA/ACFP Journal Vol30 1994-1995
No1 No3

CVA/ACFP Journal Vol31 1995-1996
No1 No2 No3 No4 

CVA/ACFP Journal Vol32 1996-1997
No1 No2 No3 No4 

CVA/ACFP Journal Vol33 1997-1998
No1 Conference report No2 No3 No4 

CVA/ACFP Journal Vol34 1999-2000
No1 Conference report No2 No3 No4 

CVA/ACFP Journal Vol35 2001-2002
No1 Conference report No2 No3 No4 

CVA/ACFP Journal Vol36 2002


Title : Modern Comprehensive High Schools in Quebec
Author : Luckow, James J.
Year of publication : 1975


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