Privacy Policy

The site of the Canadian Vocational Association – Association canadienne de la formation professionnelle (CVA-ACFP) is the property of the Association.

This privacy statement sets out the principles on which is based the use of the information by the CVA-ACFP in operating its website and the services it offers to its visitors or members.

The CVA-ACFP is responsible for any personal information it holds and which it has obtained directly from visitors and members. This information is gathered primarily to provide the services requested by visitors or members.

The CVA-ACFP shall not sell, lease or lend any information gathered.

When the CVA-ACFP gathers information, it shall indicate the purpose for collecting this information and users must understand why and how the information gathered will be used.

When gathering information, the CVA-ACFP shall obtain your consent before transmitting this information.


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