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India. Integration of TVET in General Education for Developing Competencies in Students
Skill Development Mission of India has aimed the target of skilling 500 million people of the country by the year 2022. As one of the measures for achieving this target, vocational education has been integrated into general education system through launching National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF). The chief objective of the NSQF is to develop competencies in students to prepare them for the ‘World of Work’, thereby developing skilled human resource for increasing the productivity of the country.
A contribution of Dr Asfa M. Yasin, Professor and Head, Centre for International Relationship, PSS Central Institute of Vocational Education, NCERT, Shyamla Hills, Bhopal  
Tags : India; National Framework of Qualifications; Paper; Source: Dr Asfa M. Yasin; VET - implementation; VET - vocational education and training;


Canada urgently needs a national education and training strategy, report says
The federal government needs to show “courage and leadership” in working with the provinces and industry to reverse an alarming slide in the quality of Canada’s education and skills training systems. The fact that Canada is now falling behind many other countries in education and skills acquisition is not a crisis per se. It becomes a crisis only if we fail to act quickly and systematically to improve our performance.
Relater report. Canada. Think nationally, act locally: a pan-Canadian strategy for education and training 
Tags : Analysis - trends; Article; Canada; Report; Source: Canadian Council of Chief Executives; Training; Trend - analysis;

Canada. What to study: Preparing for the 20 most in-demand jobs from now through 2020
There is an increasing trend occurring, university graduates are deciding to return to school and earn college degrees.
Tags : Article; Canada; Employment trend 2020; Source: Workopolis; Trend - employment;

Canada. Five ways companies can address a shortage of skills
Forecasters say more than 500,000 unskilled workers won’t be able to find work in the next decade – even as 1.5 million job vacancies go unfilled. This is a real and serious issue that has the potential to undermine the strength of individual companies, and the broader prosperity of Canada itself.
Tags : Article; Canada; Employment trend; Shortage - skills; Skills - shortage; Source: The Globe and Mail; Trend - employment;

Canada. How to fix Canada's dysfunctional labour market
Canada has been too focused on “supply” side of labour market, resulting in the world’s best educated workforce and also the highest rate of post-secondary graduates earning poverty level incomes. 
Tags : Article; Canada; Mismatch training/workforce - skills; Source: The Star;

Canada. Passing on the Business to the Next Generation
Canadians will see a massive transfer of small business assets in the next decade – possibly more than a trillion dollars – but there’s a problem: many entrepreneurs don’t have a succession plan in place.
En français. Canada. Transfert de l’entreprise à la prochaine génération
Tags : Ageing workforce; Canada; Economic crisis; Employment trend; Paper; SME - Small and medium entreprises; Source: CFIB - Canadian Federation of Independent Business; Trend - employment;

Canada/British Columbia. B.C. announces $4.4 million to support Aboriginal job training
The B.C. Skills for Jobs Blueprint is providing Aboriginal learners with opportunities that will prepare them for in-demand jobs, announced Minister of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation John Rustad at the National Aboriginal Business Opportunities Conference.
Tags : Aboriginals; Canada/British Columbia; En bref; Government program; News; Program - government; Source: Government of British Columbia; Target group: Aboriginals; Training - workforce; Workforce - training;

Canada/British Columbia. B.C. to boost skills training programs in public education
B.C.’s education system is getting an overhaul that will put more public money into preparing students for work in the province’s booming resource sector. But the shift is being made without a bigger budget, meaning the changes will likely come at the expense of students in fields where the job opportunities are not as obvious. 
Tags : Canada/British Columbia; En bref; Government program; News; Programme - gouvernement; Skills - training; Source: The Globe and Mail;

Ireland takes action to strengthen international partnerships on health workforce development
A new international training programme in Ireland supports universal health coverage. 
Tags : Article; Field: Health; Ireland; Source: WHO - World Health Organization; Target group: Health personnel; Training - workforce;

South Africa. Only 15% of university students graduate
The graduation rate among students in South Africa’s 23 public universities is 15%. The rate for masters students is 20% and for doctoral students 12%.
Tags : Analysis - trends; Article; Education - higher; Higher education; Source: Independant Online; South Africa; Statistics; Trend - analysis;

USA. A Bill Allowing More Foreign Workers Stirs a Tech Debate
As the Senate voted on a landmark immigration bill that would let Silicon Valley companies import more foreign engineers, some Americans remain locked in a deeply emotional argument over whether outsiders are taking jobs away from people.
Tags : Article; Foreign workers; Gap - skills; Skills - shortage; Source: NY Times; Target group: Foreign workers;

USA. Don’t Blame the Work Force
There is a durable belief that much of today’s unemployment is rooted in a skills gap, in which good jobs go unfilled for lack of qualified applicants. This is mostly a corporate fiction, based in part on self-interest and a misreading of government data.
Tags : Analysis; Article; Gap - skills; Skills - shortage; Source: NY Times;

USA. The Impact of Career Interventions: Preparing our Citizens for 21st Century Jobs
Paper intended for practical use by practitioners, policy makers, faculty and students in their work to inform the public about the place and evidence-base of career interventions.
Tags : Employment trend; Evidence-based policy; Paper; Source: National Career Development Association; Trend - analysis; United States of America;

The Future of mobile learning: implications for policy makers and planners
Despite over fifteen years of research, mobile learning has so far failed to have a significant long-term impact on education. How can this be addressed? What can be done in the next fifteen years to build on the achievements of practitioners and researchers to increase educational quality and ensure sustained learning opportunities for all? This report aims to answer these questions directly.
En français. L'Avenir de l'apprentissage mobile: implications pour la planification de politiques
Tags : Analysis - trends; mLearning; Mobile learning; Source: UNESCO; Trend - analysis; Working paper;

Competing In Competences
Can competitions boost the image of vocational training ? There are real benefits in the enrollment in vocational training. Competitions create opportunities for schools to work together at the local level. They also provide students practical examples of the use of professional skills.
Tags : Article; Skills - competitions; Source: ETF - European Training Foundation; Target group: Apprentices; Trends;

Creating a Post-Training Evaluation Plan
With a strategy in place, you can get to Kirkpatrick’s Level 3 and Level 4—and demonstrate the value of your program.
See also Are you REALLY Using the Four Levels?
Tags : Article; Evaluation - training; Framework - Kirkpatrick; Kirkpatrick framework; Source: Kirkpatrick Partners; Training - evaluation; Training - workplace; Workplace - training;

A literature review: the role of the private sector in the production of nurses in India, Kenya, South Africa and Thailand
Strategies must be devised to ensure that private nursing graduates serve public health needs of their populations. There must be policy coherence between producing nurses for export and ensuring sufficient supply to meet domestic needs, in particular in under-served areas. This study points to the need for further research in particular assessing the contributions made by the private sector to nurse production, and to examine the variance in quality of nurses produced.
Tags : Analysis - comparative; Article; Compendium - articles; Field: Health; India; Kenya; Lower-income countries; Private sector; Source: Human Resources for Health; South Africa; Target group: Nurses; Thailand; Training - workforce; Workplace - training;

Inside Employers' Minds: Confronting Critical Workforce Challenges
Regardless of their current situation, employers around the world will realize greater future success if they are able to effectively confront the critical workforce challenges outlined her.
* You will need to fill the form in order to download the document
Tags : Analysis; Document; Source: Mercer; Workforce - shortage;

Canada. Community colleges and vocational schools: Revenues and expenditures, 2001/2002 to 2011/2012
Data on the revenues and expenditures of community colleges and vocational schools are now available for 2001/2002 to 2011/2012.
Tags : Education - spending; Field: Training institutions/Community colleges; Report; Source: Government of Canada/Statistics Canada; Statistics;

UNESCO-UNEVOC in Action 2012-2013
This biennial report provides a comprehensive overview of UNESCO-UNEVOC’s activities in technical and vocational education and training in 2012-2013.
En français. UNESCO-UNEVOC en action - Rapport biennal 2012-2013
Ce rapport biennal fournit une vue d’ensemble générale des activités de l’UNESCO-UNEVOC dans le domaine de l’enseignement et de la formation techniques et professionnels en 2012-2013.
Tags : Report 2012-2013; Source: UNESCO-UNEVOC; Target group: UNESCO-UNEVOC; VET - vocational education and training;

Canada. Studio: Workplace education case studies
Searchable directory features case studies, in English and French, of exemplary workplace education delivery models within the context of literacy and essential skills (LES) and beyond.
En français. Canada Studio: Etude de cas sur les meilleures pratiques de formation en milieu de travail
Tags : Canada; Directory; Field: Case studies; Resources; Source: NALD - National Adult Literacy Database; Training - workforce; Web site; Workplace - training;

Canada. The Get Ready for your Red Seal Exam guide
This exam preparation guide is designed to inform you about the Red Seal exam process. The guide provides you information about what to do before taking your Red Seal exam, the exam itself and what happens after you write your exam.
In French. Canada. Préparez-vous pour votre examen Sceau Rouge 
Tags : Canada; Guidelines; Red Seal Program; Source: Red Seal Program;

Canada. 2014 Career Professionals Survey Report
The 2014 Career Professionals Survey Report provides insight into the work and life of career practitioners who support the Canadian labour market.
Tags : Annual report 2014; Canada; Source: CPC- Career Professionals of Canada; Survey; Workforce - analysis;

Labor force with secondary education
Statistics on labor force with secondary education: proportion of the labor force that has a secondary education, as a percentage of the total labor force.
Tags : Education - secondary; Secondary education; Source: World Bank; Statistics; Target group: Employees;

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