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50th anniversary of DACUM
A Very Special Bulletin

Dear readers,

As promised, we are very happy to publish this special bulletin to mark the 50th anniversary of DACUM, a technology created in Canada and now used on all continents.

For the occasion, we have assembled a series of articles written during this half-century period. You will find writings or references narrating the origins of DACUM, describing its evolution and uses in various contexts and countries.

DACUM (Developing A CUrriculuM) is a competency-based system for organizing, delivering instruction and managing the learning process. Its competency analysis component (the DACUM analysis) has become a standard in a large variety of organizations (education, government, business and industry, NFP, etc.) throughout the world.

To mark DACUM’s 50th anniversary, I am sharing some thoughts on the evolution and future of DACUM. Dr Don Glendenning, founder of the Holland College (Charlottetown, Canada) – the first TVET institution to adopt DACUM – narrates the method’s origin. Lawrence Coffin, also from Charlottetown, Canada who was DACUM’s leading expert until his retirement a few years ago, describes how business and industry has come to using DACUM as a highly effective tool both for employee development and human resources management. Finally, from Durban,South Africa, Koos Landman writes about the use of the DACUM approach to analyse the occupation of civil engineering technologist in South Africa.

In French, Jérôme Makin Djegui from Bénin, discusses the use of DACUM and various issues and challenges that DACUM practitioners are confronted with in his country. Édouard Yokossi, also from Bénin, presents a case study on DACUM in Bénin as a curriculum development and learner assessment model in the TVET sector. From Burkina Faso, Dr Boubakar Savadogo gives us an overview as how DCUM contributed to the development of TVET in Bénin.

We want to express our gratitude to those who, in response to our call for contributions, took the time to forward their thoughts and testimonials. Our special thanks also to Madeleine Decker for having prepared this special issue with the professionalism and enthusiasm that constitute her trade mark; to a very large extent, the CVA owes to Madeleine that this publication is awaited for and read by an ever increasing number of individuals in all parts of the world.

Pleasant readings!

Pierre Morin, CHRP
President of the Canadian Vocational Association
November 2017

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